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Alterations and Repairs Price List.

This is a price guideline only and was updated in January 2017.

Zip Replacements
Jeans from£13.00
Trousers from£12.00
Skirts from£12.00
Skirts Invisible from£15.00
Dresses from£16.00
Dresses Invisible from£18.00
Anoraks and Jackets from£27.50
Coats from£30.00

Dress And Skirt Alterations
Hem shorten lined from£17.50
Hem shortened unlined from£13.00
Waist alterations from£17.50
Waist and hip alterations from£20.00
Side seams taken in lined from£16.00
Sides seams taken in unlined from£13.00
False hem from£15.00
Shoulders lifted from£12.00
Evening Gowns hems from£25.00
Wedding Dresses hems from£50.00

Trousers Alterations
Shorten Plain from£10.00
Shorten Turn Up from£12.50
Waist in/out from££14.00
Tapers to trousers£15.00
Half pockets from£8.00 EACH Pocket

Jeans Alterations
Patch from£12.00
Shorten from£10.00
Waist in/out quoted on each dependent on style
Shorten original hem from£12.50
Tapers from£18.00
Half pockets from£8.00 EACH Pocket

Jacket and Coat Alterations
Sleeves shortened from£18.00
Sleeves shorten vents from£25.00
Waist in/out from££14.00
Sleeves lengthened, where fabric available£20.00
Back seams from£18.00
Coat shortened, lined from£30.00
Coat shortened unlined from£22.50
Taper from£20.00
Zips from£27.50