5 Market Place Brackley, NN13 7AB
Phone: 01280 308721
Email: maryclarestaples@hotmail.co.uk

About Mooloo

Hi, My name is Maryclare, AKA - Mooloo.

I am a Mother and Grandmother, who enjoys sewing and creating things from all sorts of fabrics. This started me out on an amazing journey over the last few years.

I enjoy scouting Charity Shops, and Fabric Remenent sales.
Mooloo is my nick name, and also quirkily enough stood for "Made out of lots of old stuff" - or sometimes in my case odd stuff - and while chatting with a friend over my sewing and a cup of tea, Mooloo's was born.

I have been sewing since the age of around 8 or 9. Making clothes and soft toys, for friends and family at the age of 11 onwards.  Although sewing was not always my career, it is my passion. I am lucky enough to have been able to use my skills to build a business, and to work with others creating unique pieces for gifts and also to wear.

I have now opened up my first shop, doing alterations, up-cycling fashion, and teaching sewing workshops.  I have also become a recognised stockist for Silver Sewing Machines!

The shop has grown since opening, and I now employ 2 part time staff. I teach sewing, and I sell an array of sewing accessories,  fabrics and more.

Although I still do make items out of recycled goods, the main part of my business is now the Alterations Service. This has grown and grown, and is still on the increase as more and more people find their way to my beautiful shop.

This is a photo of me, with my lovely Mum, who taught me to sew when I was a child. My inspiration and one of my Rocks! (My Dad is the other Rock!).

Edit. Sadly my father Passed away in April 2015, but not before he was able to see me build my dreams!.

I have also become a Granny again, with 3 new Grandsons born in 2015.

The picture below is with my Granddaughter  when we were on holiday a few years ago now!. The week I first saw my little shop. Who knew that only two weeks after that photo was taken, my shop was signed for, and up and running.